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not just a label...


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not just a label...

Sanna Karjalainen


Last week I picked up the lovely cotton ribbons I had sourced from Ray Stitch and headed down to the print room to print tags and labels for my products. Luckily there were plenty of unwanted inks available, which helped me further reduce the need for new materials!

I decided to make the first batch of labels myself for a few reasons, one of them being the money of course, but also the high quantities you are often required to order. I figured, that although I have clear branding in mind already, the brand itself has just begun to grow and spending a lot of money and resources for physical branding seemed like a waste for me. Creating the labels myself allowed me to play with the colour and text in them.


About half of the labels ended up printing to the standard that I could use them in products. I now know better what works and what doesn’t, so fingers crossed that the next batch will be more of a success!


It was certainly about trial and error which, again, I'm glad I got to do myself rather than spending on a large quantity which I would then not be able to use. As the text on the labels is so small and narrow and I could only print 3 labels at a time (which is something I will certainly change in the future), the screens themselves wore out quickly which ended in undefined prints. I am actually quite surprised how defined the washing labels, which are much narrower, turned out to be. The logo tags, however, didn't turn out so well and these are something I will most likely invest on in the future. The details on these are not variable depending on the product, whereas the information on the washing labels tends to be.

Creating your own branding is so rewarding and learning during the process is part of the fun. You get to see the whole process, change things during the making, create in small quantities with minimal investment and at the end of the day you get to hold the finished product in your hands.