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struggles with the logo design...


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struggles with the logo design...

Sanna Karjalainen

logo board-01.png

Doesn’t matter what kind of project you are working on, finding inspiration can sometimes be extremely tricky. But when it comes to creating a brand and defining your identity that the rest of the world will judge your business with, even getting started can feel like an impossible task. At least, this is what happened to me.

Initially, I was just going to go with a thin, minimalistic black-and-white-text-only logo that could be easily adapted for different purposes and media, but also, easily forgotten. I was also struggling with whether to add colour or not, as making your mind up on these things can take absolutely forever. The best advice I can give really is to just jump to it, publish something, ask for and listen to the feedback you receive, and make adjustments down the line.

The inspiration for the logo actually came from an unexpected place, from my little succulent plant (called Bertha). There were a few key ideas I wanted to show: minimalism through colour and shape; eco-friendliness by using a plant-based figure; and transformation, which came through playing with the shape and eventually evolving to something resembling a cotton plant.

The next step will be creating some interesting branding such as business cards, packaging and paper tape with the logo…keeping it all as green as possible (well, peachy and grey really).