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black friday is here...


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black friday is here...

Sanna Karjalainen

I have been a follower of Matt D’Avella’s for about half a year now, and he is one of the few influencers I go to YouTube weekly for. On top of creating the beautiful documentary “Minimalism” (which is available on Netflix) he also has a podcast and a YouTube channel, which I highly recommend you have a look at. His videos are so beautifully filmed and throughout considered, and funny as well, which is a good enough reason to try and steer away from the never-ending cat videos. These videos will bring value to your life and also make you chuckle. A win-win really.

As well as talking about his minimalist lifestyle and giving tips to lead a more meaningful lifestyle, he recently posted a video about Black Friday and how big companies try to sell you fake happiness through products. I felt the need to share this with you as it really sums up many of the reasons I personally avoid making any other unnecessary purchases throughout the year and especially on Black Friday.

In the words of Joshua Fields Millburn,

Things don’t complete us. We are already complete.