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the rugs are here...

Sanna Karjalainen


If you ever had had the chance to visit any of my grandparents or my childhood home you would be amazed by the number of homemade rugs our attics hold. Both of my grandmas used to have looms in their houses and I remember watching them and my mum create the quirkiest rugs by using old clothes they had cut into strips of fabric and making stripes and zigzags onto the surface. These rugs are still warming up my feet in the cold winter months when I go visit my family in Finland, and I hope to bring some of this warmth to you and your homes.


As the days are getting shorter and the evenings even colder, having a lovely chunky (and funky) rug under your feet to keep your toes warm whilst sipping your tea can be a simple luxury...and knowing that no waste was created whilst making this rug will warm you up inside too. As each one of them is unique and handmade from 100% recycled materials, you can be sure this is a heart-warming gift for yourself or your loved ones.

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